The Stone Sculptor
Jason P. Nelson
Artist Statement
"Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."  
Pablo Picasso
I like to think that I am an artist with deep roots, grounded in the most ancient of artistic traditions in regards to my
influences, favourite medium and subject matter.  I consider myself to currently be an emerging artist; I’m sending-up
tender shoots and budding in the springtime of my career. The summer is ahead of me... I will reach for the sky and
strive to branch-out into unexplored territory. The contemporary art-world is the savage garden in which I will grow.   

Since the first time I opened an Art History text book, I have been intrigued by the ancient art of stone sculpting.  In
particular, I have been influenced by the great stone sculptors from the
Baroque and Neoclassical periods.  A couple
of my favourites are
Bernini and Pradier.  My past work has not greatly reflected this influence; however, I consider my
past work to be little more than a learning experience in preparation for the more major projects that I will soon begin.  
When I work with stone, I feel a strong connection to these great artists from ages past.  I am currently carving stone
Carrara Italy; this legendary quarry has been a favourite source of stone for Master Sculptors since the dawn of
western civilization.  Although, I also use modern power tools, I enjoy the use of traditional hand-held chisels and rasps;
tools and techniques which have not changed much over the centuries.  I like the permanence of stone; it has proven to
stand the test of time.  Jade in particular, is perhaps the most durable medium known to man.

When I work with stone I also feel a strong connection to nature.  I like stone because of its inherent natural beauty.  It
can be found in every colour and pattern imaginable. I love its tactile nature.  There are many variations of texture and
combinations of textures waiting to be touched.  These include naturally weathered, frosted by chisels, rasped rough
and polished smooth.

Another reason that I like stone is that working with it is always a voyage of discovery.  Every stone has a sculpture
trapped inside it and it is the duty of the sculptor to discover it and set it free.  Although, the sculptor generally has clues
about the attributes of any given stone, its full beauty and unique characteristics are often not revealed until the sculpture
nears completion.

Like the classical style sculptors from ages past I am inspired by the human figure.  However, I enjoy carving a variety of
other subjects, including wildlife (especially marine-life and reptiles).  I am also intrigued by sacred symbols and
geometry.  Some of my favourites are the
spiral, the figure symbol for infinity and the yin yang symbol for
universal harmony.  I also think that the sacred circle is especially important and that is why I enjoy carving bowls.  
Finally, I just can’t get enough of

My main goal as an artist is growth.  Although, I am currently happy working with stone, I am also very interested in
learning to work with other traditional mediums including wood, clay, bronze and other metals.  I think that it is important
for an artist to embrace change and continue to try new challenges. With this in mind, I am also open to exploring the
use of more modern mediums and techniques.

As an artist, I also think that it is important to occasionally give something back to the community and to try to inspire the
next generation of artists.  With this in mind, I often donate small sculptures to charity auctions.  If you have a worthy
cause that you'd like me to support, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be glad to help.

Jason P. Nelson
Close-up of Octopu Sculpture tenticle.
If an octopus loses a tentacle, in an encounter with a predator, it is
often able to regenerate the lost limb.
Fine Art Sculpture in Marble,
Alabaster and Soapstone
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