The Stone Sculptor
Jason P. Nelson
Neys Provincial Park, July 09
Wild Blue ~ the Blue Whale Cow and Calf Sculpture
Marble and Tourmaline on a Brucite Base

Artist's Notes:  "Wild Blue", was a commissioned sculpture.  
It was the largest and most technically challenging work
that I've done, so far.  Both whales were carved from a
single piece of Turkish Marble that weighed 604 lbs.  Their
eyes are made of Black Tourmaline.  Mounting them on
the Brucite base required precise alignment of the pin
holes.  The whales both have a realistic number of throat
groves; engraving and sanding them took many hours.
Blue Whale Sculpture in Marble
The Blue Whale is the largest animal ever known
to have lived on earth.  They are reported to
have reached lengths up to 106 feet and weigh
up to 200 tons.  Their tongues alone, can weigh
as much as an elephant.

Blue Whales produce the loudest sounds of any
animal on earth.  They can hear each other over
vast distances.  However, many of the noises
that they produce are at such a low frequency
that they can't be heard by the human ear.

Blue Whales are baleen whales, which means
that they have fringed plates of baleen attached
to their upper jaws.  They feed by first gulping
an enormous amount of water, expanding the
pleated skin on their throat and belly, to take it
in.  Then, the whales massive tongue forces the
water out through the thin, overlapping baleen
plates.  Thousands of krill are left behind and
then swallowed; up to 4 tons in a day.

These massive marine mammals cruise the
oceans at about 8 km/hour, but, are capable of
accelerating up to 32 km/hour.  Never the less,
they were hunted nearly to extinction in the 19th
and early 20th centuries.  Their only natural
predator is the Killer Whale, which usually only
attacks calves.  Blue Whales are still an
endangered species.
Fine Art Sculpture in Marble, Alabaster and Soapstone
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Blue Whales typically give birth once every two to three years, after a gestation period of 10 to 12 months.  At birth, the
calf weighs about 2.5  tons and is around 23 feet in length.  Calves can drink as much as 150 gallons of rich milk each
day.  They typically gain up to 200 lbs in weight and 1.5 inches in length, each day.  Weaning takes place after about
eight months, by which time the calf will weigh around 20 tons.
Whale Sculpture
A Marble Sculpture of a Blue Whale Cow and Calf
Stone Sculpture (marble with tourmaline on a brucite base)
Marble Sculpture of Whales
Blue Whale sculpture,  throat-grooves detail shot.