The Stone Sculptor
Jason P. Nelson
The Poison Arrow Frog
Jordan and Troy Nelson on the North Shore of Lake Superior.
Lapis Lazuli and Citrine on a Quartz base

Artist's notes: "The Poison Arrow Frog", is carved from high quality Lapis Lazuli, the birthstone for September.  
Its eyes are faceted citrine, the birthstone for November.  The base is a quarz specimen that I found in the
Jack-fish River, North of Lake Nipigon.     
Poison Arrow frogs are highly toxic.  Their brilliant colours serve as a warning to potential predators to "stay away".  
Indigenous Embera' people, of Columbia, use its venom on the tips of their blow-gun darts when hunting.
Fine Art Sculpture in Marble, Alabaster and Soapstone

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Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Carving