The Stone Sculptor
Jason P. Nelson
Links to Contemporary Painters
"Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do."
-Edgar Degas

Abstract Art Originals by Carmen Guedez:  Original Abstract Art. Modern Contemporary Paintings, featuring deep
3D textures on Gallery Wrapped Canvas.

Agnes Trachet

Brian Holden:  Printmaker, Painter, Arts Educator.

Dominique C. Faivre ~ Fine Art Oil Paintings:  A wall without pictures is like a face without features.

Eric Wilson ~ Wildlife Artist:  Original wildlife paintings and prints direct from the artist.

Jeff Mueller ~ Computer Art Man: A "Tradigital Artist"  that is taking the genres of fine art and digital art and pushing
them into exciting new areas.

Judith Shaw ~ Jewel-toned Paintings to Feed The Soul

Ken Powers ~ Powers Fine Art: a watercolor artist specializing in eclectic still-life and floral imagery.

Laura Lea Comeau:  "Art is not so much the expression of oneself, as it is a rite of passage to finding out who you
really are."  Laura's acrylic paintings are inspired by the rugged beauty of her home on the North Shore of Lake

Linda Dell ~ Fine Art Paintings:  Recent works include a series of large flower paintings, portraits, still lives and acrylic
abstracts.  Commissions accepted.

Marine and Landscape Oil Paintings:  The colourful and realistic artwork of marine and landscape oil-painter, Jim
Tait.  Original paintings and giclee fine art prints available.  Commissions welcomed.  Free delivery world-wide.

Pauline Walsh Jacobson ~ Fine art originals and prints:  Sea creature, tropical fish, beaches and flowers.

Richard Mravik ~ Fine Art Oil Paintings:  Wildlife, landscapes, portraits and other subjects.

Russell Mellor ~ The Timble Eye Gallery:  THE PERCEPTION COLLECTION (New Exhibition work)
Russell throughout this new collection and  before paint's with his own specially created 'Cuchara Tools'.
These implements give the work different textural effects, shape, marks and extra build he needs to complete the final

Susanne Clark ~ Contemporary Art and Printmaking:  When a child is born one would perhaps like to think that they
come into this world as a blank slate, however that is rarely true.  Each being seems to have something inherent that
calls to them. For me that always was, and will be, art.

Zucco Fine Art Gallery:  This online gallery presents a unique collection of fine art paintings and giclees from three
generations of painters from one family.  Artists Jennifer Ann Zucco, Kitty Zucco and Weston Morley Geety have created
seascape, landscape, floral, figurative and animal artwork dated from the early 1920’s till present day.
Fine Art Sculpture in Marble, Alabaster and Soapstone

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