The Stone Sculptor
Jason P. Nelson
Seahorse Number Two
Jordan Nelson fishing on the dock in Richards Landing, Ontario.
Marble and Garnet on an Agate/Quartz base
6x4x3,  2008

Artist's notes:  I chose to carve the Seahorse, because I think that they are fascinating creatures. Their prehensile tails
allow for some interesting spirals.  This sculpture is carved from Ruby Lake Marble (the quarry is located near Thunder
Bay), and the eyes are made of Garnet, the birthstone for January.  The base is a specimen from the Thunder Bay Agate
Detail of Stone Sculpture
Gemstone Carving
Seahorse usually live in the tropics or
along temperate costs.  They mate for life.  
During mating, they utter musical sounds.  
It is the male Seahorse that carries and
gives birth to the young; up to 1500
Fine Art Sculpture in
Marble, Alabaster and

571 Court St. North
Thunder Bay, Ontario
(807) 343-0591
Gemstone Carving