Spiral - The Spiral, which is the oldest symbol known to be used in spiritual
practices, reflects the universal pattern of growth and evolution. The spiral
represents the goddess, the womb, fertility and life force energy. Reflected in
the natural world, the Spiral is found in human physiology, plants, minerals,
animals, energy patterns, weather, growth and death. The Spiral is a sacred
symbol that reminds us of our evolving journey in life. When used as a personal
talisman, the Spiral helps consciousness to accept the turnings and changes of
life as it evolves. The acceptance of change is one of the greatest freedoms a
human can experience, putting consciousness in the present moment where the
power of creation is condensed. On a larger scale, using this symbol assures
all beings are reminded of their inward and outward evolution, a balanced and
centered state of mind. On water, it carries the power to flow and change.