The Stone Sculptor
Jason P. Nelson
The Narwhal
Soapstone, Fossil Ivory and Labradorite on an
Agate/Quartz base

Artist notes:  "The Narwhal", was my first Whale Sculpture.  
It is carved from  Brazilian Soapstone.  The tooth is made
from Mastodon Ivory.  The base is an exceptional
specimen from the Thunder Bay Agate Mine, with several
agate stalactites and interesting vugs.
Jordan Nelson on the shore of Lake Superior
Soapstone Sculpture of a Narwhal
Soapstone Sculpture of a Narwhal
Soapstone Sculptue of a Narwhal
Monodon Monoceros, commonly known as Narwhal, occupy one of the most Northerly habitats of
any Cetacean; they are seldom found farther South than 70' N.  They are closely related to the
Beluga Whale.  The male Narwhal is unique and unlikely to be confused with any other whale.  It has
a long spiral tooth that it uses in fights for dominance and as a visual display of strength.  Until the
17th century, its tooth was believed by many to be the horn of the legendary unicorn
Fine Art Sculpture in Marble, Alabaster and Soapstone
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Thunder Bay, Ontario
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