The Stone Sculptor
Jason P. Nelson
Spirit of 67
Alabaster with Copper on a Marble Base
17" x 9" x 5"
'Spirit of 67' - Stone Sculpture - Currently Available
Detail shot of Mixed-media Sculpture
Artist's Notes: This organic/abstract sculpture was carved from Italian alabaster. This blue alabaster is considerably harder
than most alabaster; almost as hard as marble. In the middle is a Canadian Centennial penny (1967), suspended on copper
wire that I salvaged from the old broken-down furnace from my studio. I'm dedicating this sculpture to my beloved Toronto
Maple Leafs; the last time they won the cup was in 67. I hope it brings them good luck. Go Leafs Go!!!
This artwork is currently for sale at
Chenier Fine Arts, in Thunder Bay, ON.
Fine Art Sculpture in Marble, Alabaster and Soapstone
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